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We are dedicated lawyers of many years of experience. Over the years, and this is no new discovery, men have often been portrayed as perpetrators of violence and only good for weekend time with their children. Whilst we acknowledge family violence of any kind to any person is wrong and should be condemned, what happens if the facts presented are not truthful? We will not and cannot stand for that and will fight for truth and justice. Family breakdown is a trying time for all parties involved. Justice Family Lawyers is here to help you navigate this difficult and often emotionally-taxing process. We have a team of dedicated practitioners who assist our clients every step of the way. FAMILY LAWYERS FOR MEN/ OR DIVORCE LAWYERS FOR MEN will give you honest and realistic advice, and we can help you explore all avenues of resolution, from mediation through to litigation.

At, FAMILY LAWYERS FOR MEN/ OR DIVORCE LAWYERS FOR MEN we have a wealth of expertise, and can help you with the following matters:

  • Child visitation disputes
  • Parenting Plans
  • Financial splits after break ups
  • Finalising Consent Orders
  • Prenuptial agreements
  • Binding financial agreements
  • Attending Federal Circuit Court for your matter
  • Attending the Family Court for your matter
  • Attending mediation
  • Wills and Estates
  • Contested Estates
  • Contested Wills

We listen with a compassionate ear and strive to achieve the best results for our clients.